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Review TCH said...

1) The Crystal Heart Vol 1
2) Fantasy also Action, Adventure, Epic
3) Kindle
4) Short (32 Pages)
5) The man-god gave his life out of love for the Varian people of Arathia, by ripping his own heart from his chest to provide life-sustaining light and warmth in an eternally dark place. The Ree-Kyae are pure evil, and cannot live in the light of love, so they’ve figured out a way to shatter The Crystal Heart. Now, by collecting all the pieces and reassembling The Crystal Heart of the man-god, it’s up to Kinley to repair the damage done, and restore the balance, beauty, light, and warmth of The Crystal Heart.
6) Author - Anthony Swinsinski
7) ReviewTCH@gmail.com
8) http://www.amazon.com/The-Crystal-Heart-ebook/dp/B00BIX0ATY