You should consider providing the following:

1) Title of your work
2) Label most appropriate tag from AUTHOR SUBMISSIONS list at right of screen and follow with additional relevant tags.
3) Digital formats available i.e.: PDF 8x11, PDF ereader, HTML, Kindle, epub, etc.
4) Note length as SHORT, MEDIUM, or LONG, or approximate page length in given format.  For example an 8x11 PDF might be 600 pages, whereas the same doc in Kindle might total 900 pgs.
5) Provide a short brief on the subject matter of your story.  Brief is precisely that, BRIEF.  This is not a site to promote your work and doing so will only get you overlooked, say 150 words give or take.  You could reference addresses to sites listing some of you reviews.
6) Name
7) Email address and website address if possible
8) Finally, I ask reviewers to please post a reply should you decide to review a work.  This will provide a great deal of encouragement for the rest of us when it's most needed.  Simply note that you did your part to help the unknown author.


Russell Brooks said...

1)Pandora's Successioon
2)Fiction: action/thriller
3)PDF for all readers, even PCs and laptops
4)86,000 words
5)Where would you hide if you learned that the CDC and a major pharmaceutical company unleashed a hyperdeadly microbe on the human race? First review can be found at: http://blazingtrailers.com/show/1216/

cjcoombes said...

1) Claus: v1; The Child; A Christmas Incarnation

2) FICTION also adventure, historical, seasonal, Christmas

3) PDF for PC, laptop, Sony Reader, Nook. Also Kindle.

4) LONG READ approx 800+ pages on ereader.

5) Story follows a young girl orphaned in the 1830's. She is taken in as a maiden by a wealthy family that removes her from her Swedish homeland to the American frontier where she faces all the joys and heartbreak of youth. Current reviews can be seen at http://www.cjcoombes.com/ or at Amazon Kindle Store http://www.amazon.com/CLAUS-child-Christmas-Incarnation-ebook/product-reviews/B00403N9NI

6) Author C. John Coombes

7) email http://www.cjc/ at cjcoombes.com