Monday, September 27, 2010

Vanessa! You must read my horror story....

Imagine my delight to be visited by Vanessa Morgan, a successful author of horror who has published a couple of novels, one which had been selected for the MOVIES!  Let us bow in envy.  Great job!!!

Now for my horror—I was forced to delete Vanessa’s postings because her entries did not follow the format as spelled out at the top of each submission page.  Regrettably, I could only see the postings as promotion for the sale of her novels.  Believe me, this hurt me more than Vanessa.

I am very adamant about this sight not being for promotion of any kind.  Vanessa is already out of our league and well on her way.  Let us remember the purpose of this site is to assist unknown authors in their struggle to gain recognition and direction through reviews obtained by kind-hearted (but honest) reviewers.

Hopefully, at some point in the near future we will be able to see these reviews materialize and, like Vanessa, we will be able to post them on all those blogs for KNOWN authors.

But that doesn't mean I won't encourage you to visit Vanessa's site.  Remember, she started from the same place.  She shares a number of behind-the-scenes shots from the movie sets.

Visit her at:    http://vanessa-morgan.blogspot.com

I am truly sorry, Vanessa.  I am not sure we can offer you anything you don’t already have, but you are welcome to re-post, providing your submission follows the guidelines set forth.  You may mention your site or any other site that posts your collected reviews for the benefit of our visiting reviewers.

Regards, cjc 

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