Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank-you, Irene at ReaderViews

There has always been a lot of discussion about the merits, or otherwise, of paying for reviews.  I can say that for me it was worth every last cent.  Irene Watson of ReaderViews stood by my side like a mother as I went for my first-ever review.

I was allowed to look over the reviewers in her employ to determine who I felt was the best fit.

I hit a home run with my pick.

The real proof of Irene's character has not been about the review that I paid for, but instead for the number of favors I have asked since that first meeting.  A prime example of her support was when I asked if she could help me out by reposting a review for me on a new site.  Yes, it is true that ReaderViews gains minor advertising  in the posting, but when I consider how little she got for how much I got, well it was me that walked to the bank.

Not only have I nothing negative to say about ReaderViews' service for me, but I can't really say enough good about Irene or her staff.

You may have noticed that she was the first to list herself as a reviewer following this blog.  I hope more will join her and give our many unknown authors confidence in posting their digital work for review.


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