Sunday, January 1, 2012

Calling Ebook Authors and Reviewers

It was the exasperation of being told repeatedly "I don't really do ebooks, but you might contact..." that got me to wondering why there wasn't a site where unknown authors could group and have their titles visited by reviewers happy to discover new authors working in the digital formats.
Why not invite reviewers to visit us at their convenience instead of us "bugging" and burying them in email requests?  Why not let them visit us when they are in the mood for new reading material?  Why not let them search the genre they love instead of rejecting a thousand they detest.  Why not offer them what we have? I invite you to support this concept by listing your digital work, and doing so free from the shame of begging.
There are many perfectly sound reasons for a good author not to be in print.  No matter how good your work, as an unknown, you are a very high risk to a publisher.  PODs help, but pure digital will eventually be the norm.  Hopefully, we will gain respect in our lifetime.
Until that happens, know you are EXPECTED to be here for the sole purpose of attracting reviewers.  DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR OWN WORK in any fashion.  Use reviews you might collect from this site to promote your work on other sites where you actively sell.
Finally, I ask reviewers to please post replies and/or "Following" this site should you decide to review a work or scan submissions.  This will provide a great deal of encouragement for the unknown author when it's most needed.

Regards, cjcoombes

The following is a format example from my
1) Claus: v1; The Child; A Christmas Incarnation
2) FICTION also adventure, historical, seasonal, Christmas
3) PDF for PC, laptop, Sony Reader, Nook.  Also Kindle.
4) LONG READ approx 800+ pages on ereader.
5) Story follows a young girl orphaned in the 1830's.  She is taken in as a maiden by a wealthy family that removes her from her Swedish homeland to the American frontier where she faces all the joys and heartbreak of youth.  Current reviews can be seen at Amazon.
 6) Author C. John Coombes
7) email http://www.claus/ at cjcoombes.com

NOTE: do not post your submission on the home page.  Post it under the Author Submission Categories in the right hand column.  Also, please remember that this is a new site and will take time to build a following so be patient and let's see where it goes.