Sunday, January 1, 2012

Calling Ebook Authors and Reviewers

It was the exasperation of being told repeatedly "I don't really do ebooks, but you might contact..." that got me to wondering why there wasn't a site where unknown authors could group and have their titles visited by reviewers happy to discover new authors working in the digital formats.
Why not invite reviewers to visit us at their convenience instead of us "bugging" and burying them in email requests?  Why not let them visit us when they are in the mood for new reading material?  Why not let them search the genre they love instead of rejecting a thousand they detest.  Why not offer them what we have? I invite you to support this concept by listing your digital work, and doing so free from the shame of begging.
There are many perfectly sound reasons for a good author not to be in print.  No matter how good your work, as an unknown, you are a very high risk to a publisher.  PODs help, but pure digital will eventually be the norm.  Hopefully, we will gain respect in our lifetime.
Until that happens, know you are EXPECTED to be here for the sole purpose of attracting reviewers.  DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR OWN WORK in any fashion.  Use reviews you might collect from this site to promote your work on other sites where you actively sell.
Finally, I ask reviewers to please post replies and/or "Following" this site should you decide to review a work or scan submissions.  This will provide a great deal of encouragement for the unknown author when it's most needed.

Regards, cjcoombes

The following is a format example from my
1) Claus: v1; The Child; A Christmas Incarnation
2) FICTION also adventure, historical, seasonal, Christmas
3) PDF for PC, laptop, Sony Reader, Nook.  Also Kindle.
4) LONG READ approx 800+ pages on ereader.
5) Story follows a young girl orphaned in the 1830's.  She is taken in as a maiden by a wealthy family that removes her from her Swedish homeland to the American frontier where she faces all the joys and heartbreak of youth.  Current reviews can be seen at Amazon.
 6) Author C. John Coombes
7) email http://www.claus/ at cjcoombes.com

NOTE: do not post your submission on the home page.  Post it under the Author Submission Categories in the right hand column.  Also, please remember that this is a new site and will take time to build a following so be patient and let's see where it goes.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome Fawn Neun

A thank-you is in order again, this time for Fawn Neun,  Chief Editor of The Battered Suitcase and managing owner of small press Vagabondage Press LLC.  Some great credentials to have on our side.  Be sure to click on her badge in the left column and pay a visit to Fawn's blog.  Welcome, Fawn Neun, to Ebook Review Request.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vanessa! You must read my horror story....

Imagine my delight to be visited by Vanessa Morgan, a successful author of horror who has published a couple of novels, one which had been selected for the MOVIES!  Let us bow in envy.  Great job!!!

Now for my horror—I was forced to delete Vanessa’s postings because her entries did not follow the format as spelled out at the top of each submission page.  Regrettably, I could only see the postings as promotion for the sale of her novels.  Believe me, this hurt me more than Vanessa.

I am very adamant about this sight not being for promotion of any kind.  Vanessa is already out of our league and well on her way.  Let us remember the purpose of this site is to assist unknown authors in their struggle to gain recognition and direction through reviews obtained by kind-hearted (but honest) reviewers.

Hopefully, at some point in the near future we will be able to see these reviews materialize and, like Vanessa, we will be able to post them on all those blogs for KNOWN authors.

But that doesn't mean I won't encourage you to visit Vanessa's site.  Remember, she started from the same place.  She shares a number of behind-the-scenes shots from the movie sets.

Visit her at:    http://vanessa-morgan.blogspot.com

I am truly sorry, Vanessa.  I am not sure we can offer you anything you don’t already have, but you are welcome to re-post, providing your submission follows the guidelines set forth.  You may mention your site or any other site that posts your collected reviews for the benefit of our visiting reviewers.

Regards, cjc 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Megan Marie. What goes around...

It appears as though Megan Marie is in the same boat.  Like us, she is also starting a new blog.  She calls it "xenophobic-bibliophile".  If you can rip your eyes away from that badge, you will discover it links you to her blogsite, which looks very nice as well.  We wish you the best of luck, Megan Marie, and thank you again for offering to review our future authors.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Megan with appreciation!

Hello, Megan-------

We are happy to have you in our company and hope that if you have a blog site, we soon will be able to get your badge and direct link to you.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome Michelle

Let us show our gratitude for Michelle and her willingness to support us by being another of the first reviewers to follow our future postings.  Be sure to visit her blog INDIE PARANORMAL BOOK REVIEWS.  Find it listed under the Ebook Reviewer Links to the right.

Welcome to Unknown Author RUSSELL BROOKS

Good luck with your fictional work, Pandora's Succession.

Have you been here?

I contributed this comment to a discussion about reviewing unknown authors on Book Blogs, a very informative site.  It later occurred to me that it might serve some good on this site as well. cjc

The discussion can be viewed at the following url:

I have been reading the numerous postings on this subject because it is close to heart.  I am an unknown, unpublished author who has waged the battles of being reviewed.  One of the factors to be considered is that the length of my first volume is 650 pages and includes illustrations.  Being unknown, including artwork, and passing the +-250 page size eliminated me from print not only by publishing houses, but also in many cases, POD publishers.  Size does matter.

My only recourse is digital.  Ebooks. 

But that presents even more headaches than POD because instead of submitting a Word file to a POD, you are faced with editing your own work (unless you have the funds to pay an editor), do all your own page layout (if you provide PDF formats), all your own conversions into html etc. (again, unless you want to pay for it), and aside from all of this, you still have to learn digital illustration apps, develop a website, and then get reviewed, promote,  and let’s not forget…write.

A recent posting mentioned that there were four or five typos in a work completed by an editor.  At 650 pages, I can only dream of having such a glorious score.  I have spent months going back over the work improving grammar and cleaning up misspellings.  What many reviewers may not realize is that after a few hundred pages, spell check does not function, and those little "finger flops" go by unnoticed.  The "ctrl Z" undo is particularly disastrous because it can undo one too many changes and trash your work without you having the faintest idea.

For every day I spend writing, I spend a month in support work.  I believe reviewers of unknown authors should take these issues into consideration and understand that the raw capacity for storytelling is what is important.  Technical matters can always be addressed by the rules and improved by learning, but good storytelling can't be had by the best proofreader, editor, or reviewer unless they possess the creativity to do so.

One result of my experience is a new blog that calls for unknown authors to collect in one place so that instead of searching for reviewers, they might attract them.  If any reviewers would care to support this concept, I invite you to follow progress at http://www.ebook-review-request.blogspot.com. By all means refer your ebook authors if you don’t do digital. The courtesy would be appreciated by many.

Book Blogs is a great site.  Thank-you.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A warm Welcome to Shelleyrae of Book'd Out

Shelleyrae is the second reviewer who has elected to watch this site for potential reads to review.  I encourage you to visit her blog and read "About".  She spells out the difficulty in readily obtaining books to read while out in country where no stores are to be found.  Do you think there might be a place for ebooks in that scenario?  Fortunately for us, Shelleyrae enjoys checking out unknown authors.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank-you, Irene at ReaderViews

There has always been a lot of discussion about the merits, or otherwise, of paying for reviews.  I can say that for me it was worth every last cent.  Irene Watson of ReaderViews stood by my side like a mother as I went for my first-ever review.

I was allowed to look over the reviewers in her employ to determine who I felt was the best fit.

I hit a home run with my pick.

The real proof of Irene's character has not been about the review that I paid for, but instead for the number of favors I have asked since that first meeting.  A prime example of her support was when I asked if she could help me out by reposting a review for me on a new site.  Yes, it is true that ReaderViews gains minor advertising  in the posting, but when I consider how little she got for how much I got, well it was me that walked to the bank.

Not only have I nothing negative to say about ReaderViews' service for me, but I can't really say enough good about Irene or her staff.

You may have noticed that she was the first to list herself as a reviewer following this blog.  I hope more will join her and give our many unknown authors confidence in posting their digital work for review.